Dear Reader,

I’m writing to let you know why I went to the Canary Islands in Spain, while the world is troubled by Trump.

First, on behalf of the United States, I apologize deeply for our President. I am dedicated to helping. I want you to know I am living my life in service to helping each and every one of us get stronger. I am here in the Canary Islands because I know that we’re going to need more retreats into the the wilds of the world in the next four years. Pongo Power is here on Lansarote, in Famara, in the form of me, Elizabeth Pongo and our Media Director, Shannon Wagner, and we are here to learn more about improving people’s lives.

You may wonder, why this is important to me? I write this because I think of you often. I think of my fellow sisters, mothers, brothers, fathers, and I think: I may joke around, but I’m really actually very concerned about President Trump, but I think I can help. You see, after Trump was elected I fell into a deep depression, from November through the first week in January, right up until I went away on my very first Yoga Retreat in Yelapa, Mexico this 2017.

I am so sorry that Trump is President. I refuse to blame anyone, and I certainly hope you do not blame me; because it is no one’s fault, besides the Koch brothers, and the evil corporate greed that has brought this about. We are now the problem solvers, the activists, the peace-keepers and the resistance. I write this with tears in my eyes, and I want you to know, I do believe we can pull through.

I am thankful for all the lawyers who are working so hard to protect the citizens of the world who are entitled to the same liberties that we have here in the USA. We need you. You are fully functional! And lawyers once got a bad wrap. You are the cats’ pajamas. All the cats; just really impressed and so proud of you. (Props to Jennifer Alpert: organizer extraordinarily effective powerful woman!)

Please know, that the Yoga Retreat in Mexico saved my heart and mind from deep trouble, and I want to share that feeling with you. I want to create more retreats so that we can all become fully functional, and live peacefully in our bodies. Through experiencing other cultures and establishing more of a sense of adventure, in our souls, we will overcome this political chaos.

Pongo Retreats will be designed to help integrate in our minds and bodies. We will not only practice a more peaceful lifestyle, we will also help to correct the faulty movement patterns that can lead to joint pain, weakness, and neck and back problems. We will help people’ lifestyle to improve, once the retreat is over. We will teach people the skills and tools necessary to take good care of our bodies, so that we get stronger, every year.

It was a lack of compassion for people and a lack of kindness that brought Trump up into a position of power. Although Trump is the result of this lack, the root is deeper. We must build ourselves up, and learn to embody our human selves in order to attain the focus, desire and dedication necessary to help one another be fully present and truly powerful. We can do this.