About Elizabeth Pongo

Elizabeth received her Bachelor’s degree from Middlebury College with a major in psychology and a minor in education. Having studied psychology and education, in addition to kinetics and physiology, Elizabeth places a strong emphasis on life-style coordination when training clients and teaching proper form and technique.

February 2016

Client Testimonial: Lara Hogan’s Triumph Over Chronic Pain through Exercise and Neuroplasticity

Pongo Power client Lara Hogan joins us in this guest post detailing her recovery from chronic pain and the symptoms of Crohn's disease. As many as 1.6 million Americans are affected by inflammatory bowel diseases (IBDs) such as Crohn's and ulcerative colitis. These life-long conditions can be treated, but not cured. [1] [...]

Chronic Pain & Mind-body Medicine, An Interview with the Filmmakers

In an interview with the creators of This Might Hurt, local filmmakers Kent Bassett and Marion Cunningham join Pongo Power in order to explain the urgency and importance behind their upcoming documentary. Pongo Power Flatbush will be hosting a special fundraiser on Saturday, February 20th to help raise money for the team [...]

January 2016

Oh God, I’m Still Alive: My Story About Ending Chronic Pain, Part One

There’s a release. A relief. A brief moment, in your time on this planet that you think, “Oh, this is science… and I might not die.  I am not going to suffer and die, right now, anyways.  I have more time than I think I do.  What’s more, that time [...]

December 2015

You’re Invited! We’re Hosting a Fundraising Party on February 20th!

WHO: You! WHAT: A Fundraising Party for the non-profit Documentary THIS MIGHT HURT.  You can watch the trailer, here. In 2015 our Grand Opening at Pongo Power Flatbush was fabulous.  We'll be hosting a similar type of event this year, with live music, open bar, and comedy to raise money [...]

Four Exercises To Never Do Post Partum

A woman’s body is truly amazing.  It’s able to stretch and expand in order to accommodate another human being in such a short amount of time (although it may not feel like a short time during pregnancy) and then return back to its normal size within months.  Her body creates, [...]

Experiencing Runner’s Knee? Here are Six Possible Solutions!

So, you like to run. Great! Running is good for you. Awesome! And then you experience pain. Not. Good. At. All. […]

November 2015

Healthy Eating Tips for the Holidays

Food! Food, everywhere! Heading into the holiday season, food tends to be a large focus in our lives.  In the six weeks from Thanksgiving to New Year’s there is a ton of opportunity to eat and drink. […]

An Update on Ally & Baby

Hello my Pongo family! It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve seen your glistening faces and heard the curses fly amidst the Burpees and Mountan Climbers. I have to say, I truly miss you and training. […]

October 2015

“The Next Big Bite” with Rozanne Gold

We so are proud of our Pongo Power client, Rozanne Gold who was featured in the New York Times Food section yesterday. […]

September 2015

How to Just Say ‘No’ to Friends, Family, and the Donuts in the Breakroom

By Shira Burstein "What? You won't try the home-made chocolate pie I made?  Oh, have some!  Have some ice-cream on top.  It's not the same without the ice cream!  Come on..." It's at that moment when suddenly all of your plans to eat healthy stop, right there at the end of [...]