Eat Better, Eat Together

Communal meals are on the decline: a fact that has serious implications for our mental and physical health and well being. Sales of dining room tables have dropped, and the average American eats 1 in 5 meals in their car. People in the UK reported eating [...]

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Tacking Childhood Obesity With Exercise

A new study finds that strength training may be a crucial component of tackling childhood obesity. According to the latest data from the National Center for Health Statistics, a branch of the Centers for Disease and Control Prevention, the prevalence of childhood obesity has been steadily [...]

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One Run at a Time

For many people, the idea of running a race seems improbable. Years of operating with the belief that running is for ‘other’ people, has led some to conclude they’ll never be in ‘good enough’ shape to successfully complete a race. At Pongo Power, we’d like to [...]

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International Friendship Month

September is International Friendship Month, and we have a few great ways to celebrate, while connecting with your friends and working on your fitness goals! Try a New Class Together It’s always easier to do something new when you have a buddy to brave it with [...]

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Elizabeth Pongo’s Own End to Chronic Pain

September is Pain Awareness month. I am sharing my story of ending my very own chronic pain. My end to pain came, when I got back into shape. You can read more about ending chronic pain, our pain relief blog series. By Elizabeth Pongo   Everything [...]

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The Zen Art of Cross Training for Running

If you experience pain while running, you are not alone. We are here to help! In 1999, I ran my first NYC Marathon.     During the preparation phase, I was in a seated desk job, working as an executive assistant, and I had never run [...]

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