Training At Pongo Power

All personal training sessions are private, and one-on-one. Our team of certified personal trainers conduct sessions at our training studios in Park Slope and Flatbush Avenue, on-site in your apartment building’s gym, or your home.
  • Weight Loss & Gain, Pre/Post Natal, Functional Strength
  • Special Populations, Sports Specific, Corrective Exercise
  • Post-Rehab, At Home, Extreme Weight Loss


  • 1
  • 10
  • 20
  • 50
  • 100

Classic Training

  • $145 – session
  • $140 – session
  • $135 – session
  • $129 – session
  • $109 – session


  • $160 – session
  • $155 – session
  • $150 – session
  • $139 – session
  • $120 – session


  • $255 – session
  • $185 – session
  • $175 – session
  • $155 – session
  • $135 – session

Coaching at Pongo Power


Pongo Power Elite Personal Trainer, Coach Brie Helmuth will lead you through this 36-day intensive fitness program. You will learn to achieve balance in both your strength and flexibility training, through Circular Strength Training and Clubbell Athletics.

Benefits of Clubbell Training:

  • Improved grip strength

  • Better range of motion

  • Superior force production of torque to core

  • Heightened sense of body awareness

  • Access rotational, three-dimensional strength

  • Refined posture

Physical Gains:

This style of training allows the participant to balance work with recovery in order to maximize the effectiveness of exercise. By the end of the series you will have the motor-skills that empower your body to flow throughout life freely.  

Sign up for a Complimentary Breakthrough Session in order to learn how Circular Strength and Clubbell Training can work for your lifestyle. We will share techniques that you can use to gain greater mobility, coordination, and power. The changes that you will experience will be physiological, and translate into your daily life experience outside of your training routine.

Anyone can exercise. Learn how to bring about the changes in your mind and body, which will help you develop the mental state of,  “flow.” Apply the physiological stages of training that translate into mental strength, focus, and a more productive and positive mindset.



Join our community of Beginner Runners, learning how to run long distances with ease. Receive a video Gait Training analysis to discover any kinetic-chain movement patterns that could lead to micro-traumas.

As a Club Member you will:

  • Engage in Semi-Private, Comprehensive 5K race-training
  • Learn how to safely increase your running pace, distance, and the duration of your runs
  • Identify bad habits and correct weaknesses that can lead to injury
  • Achieve your runner’s high
  • Master the art of integrating your core when running

Physical Gains:

Learn the tools and techniques you need to increase flexibility, get strong, and feel energized for your run.  Our club members will receive 30 minutes of training and instruction and then go for a 60-minute run. Discover the natural and architectural beauty of Brooklyn, while you enjoy the outdoors.

Only 6 people will be accepted, so sign up for your Free Breakthrough Session today. This complimentary session is designed to help you learn how to train properly.




Work with Elite Personal Trainer & Weight Loss Specialist, Judy Jerome & master the art of combining proper nutrition with exercise training. You will lose those last 5 to 15 pounds and fit into your skinnier jeans, once again!

Benefits of Healthy Weight Loss:

  • Achieve better digestion
  • Gain more energy: less yawning throughout your day
  • Higher self-confidence; walk into a room and feel fabulous
  • Have the tools for making great choices when eating out
  • Pain relief! Wake up with less aches and inflammation in the morning

Physical Gains:

Losing those last 5 to 15 pounds, and achieving a physical transformation is a process that must be sustainable over time. Through implementation of our system, you will receive the coaching and education that you need in order to boost your metabolism and burn off stored energy (a.k.a. fat).


Sign up for your Complimentary Breakthrough Session, today! This is a session designed especially for people who want to build a life which allows for pleasure, physical activity, and joyful food intake, on their own terms.

In this session, you’ll get clear on where you are with your nutrition and what’s standing in your way. Judy will share key strategies to help you lose the weight and create the life you want. Finally, we’ll discuss how a one-on-one coaching program will best serve your needs.



If you suffer from pain caused by osteoarthritis, lumbar disorders, carpal tunnel syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome, or rheumatoid arthritis, the Pain Relief Now! program is for you. If we could show you a way to find relief from pain, would you be interested to find out more about Pain Relief Now?

Physical Benefits:

  • Identify the source of your pain
  • Release muscle tension and soreness
  • Activate muscles that are now operating in proper sequence
  • Move right and well
  • Find and increase your strength

We invite you to a private, individual assessment, which will determine your specific health and fitness needs. This complimentary Breakthrough Session is for people experiencing pain, who want relief and also, to enjoy a higher quality of life. Find out which muscles are not working properly and prepare them to work better. This is the first step to relieving your pain.

We will help you to determine: exactly where you are on your health and fitness journey; where you can be; and along the way we will share some useful techniques and strategies to begin the process of achieving pain relief. Most importantly, you will walk away knowing whether or not our program is a great fit for you!


Memberships at Pongo Power

Membership is only offered exclusively at Pongo Power Flatbush, at 350 Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn. We can only sell a very limited number of memberships so that our community isn’t over-crowded. Sign up before we sell out.

Memberships allow you to utilize our private personal training studio, to do your homework! You can come and go, lift our weights, and pull on our machines.

Pongo Power and Pongo Power Flatbush offers towels, lockers, and friendly supervision. We are dedicated the fundamental principals of movement science, and will gently remind you of proper form and technique, when necessary. All Pongo Power trainers are certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

We provide tasteful supervision, only to keep you safe. This way, you can enjoy your one hour a day that is dedicated to you and your body. Personal Trainers are not allowed to solicit your business for services, unless you ask for more information. We will not try to sell you personal training while you are enjoying your workout.

Club memberships allow you to join our small group fitness classes, workshops, and the special advantage of choosing the music while you workout! Bring your favorite vinyl, we have a turntable for you.

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