Running Club to Refine Your Running Technique 

Learn static and dynamic stretches, core activation, and corrective exercises to prepare your body and mind for running.

Receive a video gait training analysis to discover any errors in your running form that could lead to micro-traumas and injury.

Master the art of integrating your core when running through proper activation exercises and breathing techniques. 

Learn the tools and techniques you need to increase flexibility, get strong, and feel energized for each run. If you progressively feel that you may be risking micro-traumas or injuries, or experience muscle imbalance or tightness after your runs, Rev Up to Run! is for you. We will teach you how to engage in event training with confidence, ease, and joy! Rev Up to Run! is like no other running club. We coach you to achieve muscle balance and core integration. 

What are your running goals?
Interested in increasing flexibility? Looking to refine your cadence? 
  • We'll analyze your gait using the DorsaVi, a system of wearable sensors that analyze the amount of impact force your body is receiving while you run. This device can determine if you are using one side of your body more than the other, and if you are at risk for overuse injuries such as shin splints. 
  • By assessing your gait and learning how to correct any imbalances and faulty movement patterns, we can help you perfect your running form. This will help you to decrease risk of injury, and enjoy your runs.
  • We will also help you design three different interval workouts to get you closer to your personal running goals!


Leg Symmetry, Average Ground Reaction Force (L&R Leg), Average Initial Peak Acceleration, Average Ground Contact Time (L&R Leg), Average Steps Per Minute

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