April 2018

Online Personal Training With Pongo Power

There is no “one-size-fits-all” to fitness and nutrition. You deserve the care and attention from a dedicated professional, who wants to help you live your best life. Unlike most online trainers, Pongo Power Personal Trainers utilize a movement analysis coupled with your personal health history to create a truly unique [...]

How Using Your Core Protects Your Back, So You Can Lead Your Fullest Life

How Using Your Core Protects Your BackSo You Can Lead Your Fullest Life At Pongo Power, it’s no secret that we love core work! In fact, all of our clients are first taught how to correctly engage their transverse abdominis before moving onto other types of exercise. Focusing on the [...]

January 2018

What is “Self Defense”?

You may have seen the recent self defense video from Tech Insider with Gabrielle Rubin. You may have seen the backlash from the MMA, brazilian jiu jitsu, and general martial arts community, about how terrible her self defense ‘expertise’ is. In the video, Rubin makes wild claims about what she’s [...]

July 2017

The Scales of Justice (Part Two)

I have memories of looking at photos of celebrities in magazines. I’d compare parts of my body to theirs, and wonder if I was close enough to the ideal I thought they represented.  Sometimes I would have a gratifying moment, where I’d think “Her thighs look as big as mine. [...]

The Truth About BMI

You may have heard of the Body Mass Index (BMI). It’s a calculation widely used to determine if someone is in a ‘healthy weight range.’ Divide a person’s weight by his or her height and voila!  The truth though, is that BMI is not an accurate estimation for many people. [...]

The Scales of Justice (Part One)

Normal scale fluctuations are expected! An incredibly stressful part of trying to lose weight is when the the numbers on the scale jump up suddenly. You weigh yourself one day and feel great, then the next day weigh again and see you’ve gained 4 pounds?! It seems unfair, unjust, maybe [...]

3 Easy Breakfasts to Grab and Go!

Breakfast is so important! You’ve got to put gas in the tank. Below are three easy recipes that you can make ahead of time, so you can start the day off right. Just grab and go! About the Author  Judy Jerome, Certified Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Specialist by The National [...]

How Keeping a Food Journal Can Help You Drop a Size

Using a Food Journal to Understand Patterns. One of the most helpful tools in the Drop A Size program is the use of a food journal. The purpose of the journal is to unearth patterns in everyday eating. There we can see where small, yet powerful adjustments can be made. [...]

June 2017

Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease, Diabetes, & Stroke with Just One Hour of Resistance Training per Week

Think you need to spend hours a day at the gym in order to experience the health benefits of exercise?  A new study demonstrates just the opposite. Research suggests that a mere one hour of resistance training per week, may reduce your risk of developing metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome refers [...]

May 2017

New Research: The Importance of Finding Joy in Your Exercise

Pongo Power personal trainers are diverse in our specializations. Although every trainer must be certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, the ongoing continuing education chosen by our staff differs greatly and often highlights the type of exercise or fitness modality we find joy in. This is one of [...]