May 2017

Pongo Power is Celebrating One Decade of Being in Business!

Eating fried chicken made by our client, Lyn Stallworth; trainers and clients celebrate together at our first Grand Opening at 402 5th Street, in Park Slope!   On June 17th, 2007 I signed the commercial lease for our first location of Pongo Power at 402 5th Street, in Park Slope. [...]

February 2017

Join Us on Friday, March 17th in Supporting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society!

Please join us for a party on March 17th at Pongo Power, 350 Flatbush Ave at 6:30pm! We'll be raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team in Training (LLS TNT) to help raise money to find cures for cancer and to help provide treatment to people who have [...]

November 2016

Your Body is Your Best Teacher

  2016, Wow! Just, Wow. So Many Endings and Beginnings 2016, what a year you've been! This year I found out that not everyone knows the story of my body. As a personal trainer of 15 years, I had lazily begun to believe that most people knew at least a [...]

Self-Mastery, for You and for Us

What is Self-Mastery? Everyone wants peace, peace for ourselves, and peace for this planet. We want to understand ourselves on a deeper level and we want to know our purpose for being here; but how do we accomplish this? We start with ourselves. We start by mastering ourselves. Self-mastery allows [...]

September 2015

How to Just Say ‘No’ to Friends, Family, and the Donuts in the Breakroom

By Shira Burstein "What? You won't try the home-made chocolate pie I made?  Oh, have some!  Have some ice-cream on top.  It's not the same without the ice cream!  Come on..." It's at that moment when suddenly all of your plans to eat healthy stop, right there at the end of [...]

August 2015

Eat Breakfast or Die!

"What the f*** do I eat? I just woke up and I am as hungry as a Dead Head after a 9-hour mushroom trip."  We get this question all the time at Pongo Power.  Seriously. Well, you intrepid traveler of the inner cosmos, we will give you some options. The [...]

May 2015

It’s a Bird… It’s a Plane… It’s Our Client! We all know that it takes a lot of stick–to–itiveness to get into the truly healthy physical shape that we each want to be in.  It is one thing to have ideas about what it would mean to be healthy, strong, and confident; it is fully another to actually be [...]

March 2015

Training with the Puppy Using All Three Planes of Motion

Did you know that all movements of the body can be categorized into three planes of motion?  A plane of motion describes movements occurring in the anatomical position.   All three planes of motion are are important to utilize, in order to avoid injury. In this video, our corporate mascot, [...]

Owner of Pongo Power Talks Personal Training, Comedy & More

We were delighted to be featured in this article posted in the Park Slope Stoop.  The interview was conducted by Mary Bakija the evening before the 1st year anniversary, & Grand Opening celebration of our second location: Pongo Power Flatbush. “We need to be able to experience true emotional catharsis [...]

February 2015

A 15 Minute Sequence: Yoga and Core Strength

If you're looking for a 15 minute yoga sequence to set you on track, you can find one here! Pongo Power Personal Trainer and Yoga Ambassador, Alexandra Mingione was featured in MindBodyGreen, this month. The article, 'A 15-Minute Yoga Sequence To Make You Stronger,' outlines an elegant series, and discusses Ally's [...]