June 2018

Leg Exercise Found To Be Critical For Neural Stem Cells And Brain Health

Leg Exercise Found To Be Critical For Neural Stem Cells And Brain Health Pongo Power: Demystifying Fitness And Nutrition With Science Fascinating new research published in Frontiers in Neuroscience provides even more evidence that movement and exercise are fundamental to the health of our bodies and minds. Presented in the [...]

April 2018

Mental Benefits of Strength Training

Mental Benefits of Strength Training By Alyssa Nastasia You may already know how strength training affects your body physically, but have you thought about how it can affect you mentally and emotionally? In my experience as a Personal Trainer and athlete, these benefits come to mind:   Increased self-esteem. The [...]

November 2017

Strength Training Linked to Lower Death Rate

  New research analyzed data sourced from a core population sample of 80,306 adults aged 30-years and over. The findings of this large-scale, observational study conclude that those who engaged in strength-building exercises have a 23% lower risk of all-cause death, and a 31-percent lower risk of cancer-related death. Confounding [...]

June 2017

Flow Yo’ Mojo: Brie Helmuth’s Elite Clubbell Training Program

Pongo Power Elite Personal Trainer, Coach Brie Helmuth will lead you through Pongo Power's 36-day Intensive Fitness Program, Flo Yo' Mojo. This protocol balances strength and flexibility training, through circular-strength exercise and Clubbell Athletics. Physical Gains: By the end of the series  will have skills that allow you to feel [...]

July 2016

For Those Living with Chronic Illness: Strength Training and Fatigue Resistance

Pongo Power client, Lara Hogan is back to discuss her experiences with chronic illnesses and the ways in which resistance training have served to strengthen her body and mind! […]

#VulnerableStrong: Triathlon Training & Swimming With Fear

When I quit going to my last therapist, I told her that I was going to start attending Transcendental Meditation meetings and would no longer have money for therapy. I quickly realized that Transcendental Meditation was quite expensive and chose to sign up for the New York City Triathlon.  As it [...]

June 2016

Introducing Medical Exercise Training at Pongo Power

A 2007 research report by the Milken Institute found that more than 109 million Americans suffer from seven chronic ailments: Cancer, diabetes, hypertension, stroke, heart disease, pulmonary conditions, and mental disorders. […]

Obesity Is Not A Lifetime Sentence

Disclaimer: Marlarie is not a client of Pongo Power.  Her inspiring story about weight loss led us to seek her out for an interview so that we can show everyone what hard work, perseverance, and moderation can achieve. We want the world to realize that they if we want real and lasting [...]

Introducing: Ask Pongo!

Got a question about fitness or nutrition? Ask Pongo! As National Academy of Sports Medicine trainers every Pongo Power team member has extensive knowledge of human movement science, kinesiology and functional movement patterns. In addition to ensuring consistency with training, this strong foundation enables us to build upon our base [...]

May 2016

Exercise vs Movement: How To Determine The Best Training Style For YOUR Body

Do you know a Stretchy Stacy? She is flexible, rhythmic and agile. Her training primarily consists of yoga, dance or any other fluid bodyweight movement. Perhaps you know a Powerful Patty? She is strong and capable of moving large amounts of weight. She trains with barbells and free weights, focusing [...]