I am Jamece Grey and I am the Community Outreach Director at Pongo Power. I am delighted to announce our newest offering as we start the new year.

As we work towards making fitness more accessible to the community, Pongo Power Flatbush will be hosting a free class, quarterly!

NYC is saturated with Pilates studios. While there are limitless options, many of these classes are too expensive for the average person. One hour with a Pilates instructor can cost between $50 and $200. More experienced and knowledgable instructors typically charge higher rates. Some people don’t have the extra money to spend on a session, or don’t think it’s important.

I love the fact most people are aware that regular exercise is important for long-term health benefits, but time and time again, many people jump into advance level routines, without building a foundation of core strength and stability.

I have been working as a Physical Therapist Assistant since 2009, and became certified as a Pilates Mat Instructor in 2014. I meet many people who either just started a fitness regime, or who have had years of “gym experience,” but come into the clinic with injuries related to instability, lack of basic core strength and/or coordination. I often suggest taking some one-on-one Pilates private sessions, to learn how to correctly and safely build stability and core strength. At this point, the injured person clearly sees how important these elements are; but most often, the response I receive is that it’s simply too expensive.

I’m making this class free because, like food and water, everyone should have the opportunity to learn basic core stabilization and body-awareness techniques.

Having this foundation will help all of your fitness endeavors and goals. You’ll be better able to engage the correct muscles when lifting weights, and you’ll also find your yoga postures improve. By learning proper stabilization techniques, you’ll have less discomfort and tightness in your neck and low back. All of your body’s moving parts will work together better, which could open the door to future fitness plans, that are in fact more advanced.

Come learn how to build a strong foundation with us! You won’t regret the time you spend learning how to improve your total body health and wellness.