Pongo Power Elite Personal Trainer, Coach Brie Helmuth will lead you through Pongo Power’s 36-day Intensive Fitness Program, Flo Yo’ Mojo. This protocol balances strength and flexibility training, through circular-strength exercise and Clubbell Athletics.

Physical Gains:

By the end of the series  will have skills that allow you to feel that you can flow throughout life freely. You will have confidence in moving your body with grace and strength. These benefits will provide better total-body coordination.

By learning how to cycle through both low intensity and high intensity workout protocols, you will be able to economize your time with the most gain.  In this case, the physical goals and benefits being: joint restoration, tissue pulping, release of synovial fluid, and facial hydration. You will learn that the benefits of a low intensity workout are as important as the benefits of a high intensity workout. These benefits include: longevity, agelessness, and sustainability. 

Sessions are held 1x per week for 6 weeks. Each session will be 60 minutes long. Students will receive two 45-minute video coaching calls.

About Coach Brie Helmuth

Brie Helmuth, a Brooklyn resident, originally from Boulder, Colorado grew up on organic food grown in her mother’s garden, yoga, hip-hop, and physical fitness. These early influences shaped who she is today and her outlook on life and overall wellness.

Brie is an experienced and certified National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer, Circular Strength Training Instructor through RMAX International, Lead Clubbell Yoga Ambassador, and an Elite Personal Trainer at Pongo Power.

Additionally, Brie is a trained, competitive Rock and Break Dancer, a Member of Brooklyn’s dance crew, Mastermind Rockers, and NYC’s only all-styles female dance crew, Ladies Adios.

Brie embodies a lifestyle that embraces her passion in movement-based coaching. This level of awareness can be a catalyst for positivity in people’s lives, and improve people’s perception of themselves through physical movement. Brie’s philosophy emboldens us all to live a more full and stable life. 

“Take a moment to appreciate yourself, your physical machine and recognize your personal patterns. Now ask yourself, where am I going and what am I trying to accomplish? That’s where it all begins.”