Please join us for a party on March 17th at Pongo Power, 350 Flatbush Ave at 6:30pm! We’ll be raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training (LLS TNT) to help raise money to find cures for cancer and to help provide treatment to people who have cancer, but can’t afford it. I’m not sure if you know this, but I actually wouldn’t have become a personal trainer if it wasn’t for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training (LLS TNT). I’m Elizabeth Pongo, the founder of Pongo Power.

I signed up for my first LLS TNT event in 1999. I was 25 years old, working as a temp on 34th Street.  I commuted every day from Bayside, Queens to 34th St on the Long Island Railroad. I was depressed. I was lonely. I lived with my elderly father, who was very sick. It was a miserable life. If you’ve ever cared for someone you love, for years, who is dying, you know how hard it is.
But the LLS TNT changed all of that.  A woman in my office, who was THIRTY-FOUR and my definition of cool, asked me if I wanted to join the office Team in Training, to train for the New York City Marathon, in order to help find the cure for cancer.  I was amazed and inspired by how together this 34-year-old seemed to me. I wanted to take charge of my life, and the LLS TNT taught me to do that.
Dedicating myself to something other than my own misery, and the sadness I was feeling in my personal life, was a game-changer.  Finding out about how it is to struggle through cancer, and how important getting the right treatment is, made me thankful for my body.  Learning that you can struggle, and you can overcome through struggle, helped me understand being a human on this earth, just a little bit more.
What’s more, event training, and going from being NOT a RUNNER, NOT AT ALL, to a Marathon Runner, taught me that hard work and determination do, in fact, go a long way.
Teaching other people about exercise, and how it can truly change your entire life, was something I did not understand until I finished the NYC Marathon.  There is no way in the world I would have done that without the TNT. 

BUT! This isn’t about me! It’s about all the people who the LLS TNT helps!! 

Here is a video about the LLS TNT They not only help fund cancer research, they also pay for treatments that people can’t always afford.
Please donate money to my Fundraising page for the LLS TNT.  It’s 18 years later. I’m competing in the Lavaman Hawaii Olympic Distance Triathlon. I’ve never been to Hawaii. And I can safely say, that this journey, this experience of asking people for help along the way, so that we can help other people, is what is motivating me to do it.


There will be a silent auction, artisanal cocktails, live music, and farm-to-table catering. Please invite your friends and family, and either way, help gather up contributions for a wonderful cause! Tickets at the door will be $30 cash. Please make a donation to the LLS TNT directly, today!