For many people, the idea of running a race seems improbable. Years of operating with the belief that running is for ‘other’ people, has led some to conclude they’ll never be in ‘good enough’ shape to successfully complete a race.

At Pongo Power, we’d like to challenge that belief, and empower you to know that running, is a possibility for most, given proper training, warm-up, core integration and cool down.

This is why we’ve developed our running program, Rev Up to Run!  Designed to help you break down mental and physical barriers to running, Rev! will teach you how to take it one run at a time.

For eight weeks, you’ll participate in group training sessions once a week, while experiencing many of the same benefits that individuals receive during Pongo Power’s personal training sessions. Our dedicated running coaches want to help more people hit their health and wellness goals, and they are equipped with years of experience, to teach you everything you need to know about running. The last class will have the entire group completing a 5k together!

Unlike other health and fitness clubs, Rev! is community-focused, not competition-focused. All levels are encouraged to join. We have the skills and techniques to help you safely and effectively increase your distance, and we will show you how to correctly cross train for running.

Even if you’ve had a difficult time sticking to a program in the past, this class is designed to help you stick with it. Each session builds upon the last, so that you can leave with a feeling of success and pride.

Why wait until New Year’s to tackle your goals?

This year, you can cross “get in shape” off your list early and enjoy the holiday season! Feel fantastic running outdoors, this Fall!

More About Rev Up to Run:

Rev up to Run! Beginner’s Running Club

A community of beginner runners learning how to run long distances with ease.

As a member of the club you will:

  •         Join a community of enthusiastic and supportive beginner runners like you.
  •         Identify bad habits and correct weaknesses that can lead to injury.
  •         Safely increase the distance and time that you spend running.
  •         Learn the tools you need to increase flexibility, get strong, and be energized for your run
  •         Break through what is holding back your run and achieve your runner’s high
  •         See the natural and architectural beauty of Brooklyn while you run.

8 Weeks

Join the club and attend once per week: $975.00 (8 sessions)

Run as a Team on Saturdays, after warming-up and learning how to prepare and cross-train for running.

We end each Saturday Run at a Local Brooklyn Coffee Shop and discuss the course work.


Rev Up to Run!

Sign up for more information about Pongo Power’s fall running program, Rev Up to Run! This group class will help you safely increase mileage, teach you everything you need to know about cross training, and set you up for years of successful running. Invest in a happier, healthier, active future!

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