Eating fried chicken made by our client, Lyn Stallworth; trainers and clients celebrate
together at our first Grand Opening at 402 5th Street, in Park Slope!


On June 17th, 2007 I signed the commercial lease for our first location of Pongo Power at 402 5th Street, in Park Slope.  In about one month, Pongo Power, Inc. will be 10 years old. I had found the space at a time in my life when I had been going door-to-door, training clients privately in their homes. They loved training at home! I was riding the subway to and fro, through wind, snow, sleet and rain.  I felt as though I was ready to build a community and a culture.  I never expected that it would turn out as magically supportive and intellectually sophisticated, as it is. I am so very grateful to all of the clients, helpers, and team members who’ve engaged in building the business together, all along the way.

In honor of 10 years of doing business, I am sharing my 10 Most Favorite Principals of Sports Science with you. 

1.  We follow a 6 to 8 week training protocol of systematic progression and regression. 
It takes 6 to 8 weeks for your body to adapt on a cellular level: we are forcing the adaptation to occur on a cellular level, through proper neuromuscular training and by engaging in the optimal movement patterns needed for you to attain the result that you want.  This isn’t a gym with the monkey-trainer who will mix up your routine every time you come in. We will carefully cultivate your program design so that your body adapts, in a healthy way.
2. We talk about your body with you, to help you understand your relationship with your body.
At Pongo Power Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) is paramount to success.  Please come mentally prepared to focus on your trainer’s choice of words, sharing of information, and your body’s ability to retain that information.  Of course, we’ll let you choose the music, and laugh with you about what a freaking challenge it can be. And when you need patience, peace, and understanding, we got a bunch of that ready for you too.
3.  Learning how to achieve proper muscle balance, will relieve pain from your body. We will train your body to achieve that result. 
We honor and deeply respect your unique neurological and physiological individuality.  We will teach you which muscles are the prime movers, agonists, antagonist, synergists and stabilizers.  In this way you will learn how to release tension and build tension in the proper area of your body at the right time.
4. We do not ignore muscle imbalance, and we need you to help us. We will not ignore your health history. 
Where do you feel tension building up in your body?  We will ask you this, because it is not healthy in the long-run to ignore your body when it is sending you messages that it is out of wack and it needs help correcting its alignment and joint mechanics.
5.  We will teach you why it is useful and important to choose when to strategically slow down and speed up.
Rate Coding, the pace that you set for yourself, the pace that we choose for you influences many areas of your life. Not only does it influence how in-control you feel, it also influences which muscle is activating at which time. There are 3 types of muscle fiber in the body, and we need you to know how to activate all three: Slow Twitch, Fast Twitch Type 1, and Fast Twitch Type 2. Knowing when, how, where and why we slow down and speed up, will help you feel more powerful: both mentally and physically.  Rushing through, and using momentum is not the best use of your time. We won’t allow it.
6.  Different forms of different exercises allow the body to learn how to exhibit proper joint mechanics, while working towards recruiting 100% of the muscle fiber. 
We do not teach gimmicky, trendy exercises at Pongo Power. We teach you the exercises that you need to learn, in order to achieve the health and wellness results you want.
7. We will teach you how to activate your core, not just train your gross superficial muscle fiber.
The core musculature is actually made up of 29 muscles that are underneath your superficial muscles. They are often stabilizers, and they must be activated in order to protect your spinal column as well as your entire body. We will not ignore your core. It isn’t just a jazzy industry buzz-word. We’ll share in the joy of that sensation and knowledge with you.
8.  Stabilization is the result of balance training, and we will be working on your balance and coordination.
There is an old expression, “You can’t fire a cannon from a canoe.” If you are tipping over, and unstable, you are risking injury. We will not simply be performing 2-arm, 2-legged sets. You’ll be performing 2-arm, then single-arm, and then single-arm, alternating sets. Soon, you’ll be levitating. (In your dreams, because you’ll be sleeping better at night.)
9. We train on unstable surfaces, as appropriate. 
We do not simply whip out Bosu trainers because they’re sexy.  We use Wobble Boards, Bosus, AirEx Pads, Barefoot Training Mats and DynaDiscs because we want to help your body progress from stable environments to unstable settings, so that when you step into a pothole, or twist your ankle playing in the park, your core,  connective tissue, and stabilization muscle fiber know how to kick in and stabilize the join as appropriate.  You want to decrease your risk of injury? Learn to progress from stable to unstable. Good for water, cross-country, and downhill skiing too! Guess what? Hiking, biking, outdoor sports, and playing with your kids often involve unstable situations. We aren’t playing video games on the couch here.
10. Come here, prepared to enjoy yourself. You will have fun learning, sharing, and enjoying the safety and excitement that working with knowledgable, supportive people brings. Come here, prepared to leave feeling better, and know that this will be one of the best hours of your day.
We will not blow smoke up your butt and sell you things that you don’t need. We will not let you beat us down while we try to placate you. Yes, getting into shape is hard work, and it can be frustrating at times to feel something that is unfamiliar.  We are here to support you as you build a better relationship with your body, and we are here to teach you; and from our last 10 years of experience, we know that you will love it.