Master the art of combining proper nutrition with exercise training. You will lose those last 5 to 15 pounds and fit into your skinny jeans again.


Drop a Size and Mesmerize is a 90-day program designed by Elite Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Specialist, Judy Jerome.


Through implementation of our system, you will receive the coaching and education that you need in order to boost your metabolism and burn fat.


The weight loss will be healthy, you won't be hungry, and you'll be be armed with the tools necessary to sustain your goals.

Improve Your Quality of Life



Benefits of Healthy Weight Loss:


  • Better digestion

  • More energy, less yawning throughout your day

  • Higher self-confidence; walk into a room and feel fabulous

  • Pain relief! Wake up with less aches and inflammation in the morning

  • Understand how to make great choices when eating out

Learn Better Habits, Tools, And Tips


So much of what we do in life is by habit. Routines become ingrained in us. Some routines are helpful and healthy, like drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning. Some however, can be the opposite, like eating a pint of ice cream every night.


Routines help us get through the day, but disconnecting from one's eating habits makes managing weight difficult.


The food journal helps to bring subconscious habits to the surface, where they can then be recognized and replaced by healthier routines.

Find Your Healthy Range


When your weight loss journey nears its end, it’s then about finding your sustainable weight range. The scale will always fluctuate depending on many different factors, but that doesn't necessarily indicate fat gain.


A sustainable weight range is a place where you are eating well and exercising in a routine, and is typically a two-to-eight pound fluctuation.


Finding your healthy range is the goal, and that healthy range is where you want to stay.  This program will not only help you achieve this range, it will help you sustain it, without starving yourself, and without beating yourself up over normal and expected scale fluctuation!

Come in For a Complimentary Breakthrough Session


This is a session designed especially for people who want to build a life which allows for pleasure, physical activity, and joyful food intake, on their own terms.


In this session, you’ll get clear on where you are with your nutrition and what’s standing in your way. Judy will share key strategies to help you lose the weight and create the life you want.


Finally, we’ll discuss how a one-on-one coaching program will best serve your needs.

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